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Yam Exports

The dynamic tenets of Exportation globally cannot be overemphasized that is why Chenti Concepts International Limited is a sustained pace-setter in the Exportation Industry in Nigeria. Exportation has consistently contributed about 23% of the country’s GDP according to Nigeria export statistics.
Chenti Concepts International Limited export operations strategically initiated by a large excellent, fully experienced and overly motivated team of experts alike engaging to frontier a variety of exportable products to the global market.

Actively witnessed in recent times are the incessant shipments of our home grown Yams being exported to Europe and America - Chenti Concepts International Limited as a fully and legally registered company, carefully sources for its products by direct vast farming involvement and constant outsourcing with other monitored registered farmers in the business thereby producing continuous unlimited job opportunities for Nigerians and also providing solutions to the already farmers by buying off their produce.

We farm and source special species of Yam products from different parts of Nigeria, with our able depth of professionals and experts staff that handle the Yams from our farms/points of purchase, the Yams are given their first point preparatory induction which includes stern cleaning, Edge trimming, weight analysis, species certification, storage tenacity test etc. There on, the Yams in their very original organic forms are transported to our Lagos warehouse by our in-house haulage services department operating in and around every nook and cranny of Nigeria providing excellent,prompt and satisfactory services

In the Lagos warehouse, another team of highly professional and well trained staff simply inscribe purpose on the Yams by making sure the Yams are well packaged in boxes according to the specified weight, handling and loading, ensuring all export regulatory adherence(Fumigation exposure, quarantine process and durability elasticity test), shipping logistics and all that is required for the Yams to be well arranged in our refrigerated airtight containers for onward shipping to all of our final destination at Europe and America where our legal partner companies and associates with well distribution networks, see that the Yams reach our foreign buyers almost immediately the product are duly cleared and certified abroad.

Chenti Concepts International Limited has been largely involved and engaged in well over 10 different shipments of Nigerian Yams export to Europe and America and with the specific increasing demand for our product, we have engaged in sustained increase in manpower skill and more technical technical know-how thereby creating more job opportunities for Nigerians, promoting Agriculture immensely, injecting in the nation’s GDP and inevitably increasing our market share as a whole.


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